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The Red Risk Solutions team have over 25 years of diverse experience in investigative / audit roles, security risk management, training and claims management experience.

The Red Risk Solutions team bring a strong combination of law enforcement and corporate experience from a wide range of industries specialising in fraud and theft, local government and workplace investigations.  Specialist knowledge in the area of physical security risk particularly high-risk industries such as jewellery / fine art, hotels, clubs and banks who are susceptible to crimes such as armed robberies.

Red Risk Solutions is a member of the NSW Police Robbery & Serious Crime Squad Advisory Council (RSAC) and Victoria Police Armed Robbery Advisory Council.  This is a forum where a representative is selected by Police, from industries which are high risk to armed robberies, to meet and discuss armed robbery trends, issues as well as disseminate information to and from those industries.

The Red Risk Solutions teams have developed and delivered many face to face training courses which include but are not limited to armed robbery prevention, shoplifing, dealing with conflict and drug and alcohol awareness courses. We have recently developed an on-line armed robbery prevention course for the jewellery industry.

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