Red Risk Solutions | Jewellers Block

Red Risk Solutions have been providing security risk assessment services to Jewellery retail stores, wholesalers, metal manufacturing businesses, Cash in Transit, safety deposit box facilities and Art Galleries for over 10 years across Australia and New Zealand.  

Red Risk Solutions understands the nuances of the jewellery industry and assist in reducing the risk to what the jewellery industry are often more susceptible to – criminal offences such as burglary, armed robbery, shoplifting, snatch and grabs, trick loss, substitution and other fraud issues.

Red Risk Solutions consultants have extensive experience in identifying the security weaknesses in a business and assist businesses by providing realistic and achievable solutions to make their operations safer and more secure.

Red Risk Solutions also assist staff by providing advice on safety related policies and procedures as well as how to manage an armed robbery should such an event occur. We develop and customise face to face and on-line Armed Robbery Prevention training  programs that are specific for the jewellery industry. 

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