Red Risk Solutions | Jewellery Claims Management

 Red Risk Solutions have had a long association with insurance claims.  From investigation to ensuring proof of loss.  As an extension of our risk assessment work in the Jewellers Block, we have assisted Brokers and Underwriters in management of post incident and claims management.  We assist by:

  • Ensuring proof of loss;
  • Assist insured with sourcing replacement options;
  • Explaining settlement options with the insured;
  • 'Outside the square' solutions.

Red Risk Solutions operate independently of any insurance company or jeweller and avoid any conflicts of interests with third party suppliers to ensure transparent and accurate assessments of claims.

Red Risk Solutions hold nationally recognised qualifications in Loss Adjusting, have extensive insurance industry experience and are well connected with law enforcement agencies across Australia.

The Red Risk Solutions team are members of the NSW Police and Serious Crime Squad Advisory Council (RSAC) and Victoria Police Armed Robbery Advisory Council.  This forum allow Police and industry representatives to discuss armed robbery trends, issues, initiatives and most importantly, provides the opportunity for all to share intelligence.  This is particularly important when seeking recovery of stock after an event.

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